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We set up a proven management system for your shopping mall and train you how to use it to maximize your property potential.

Jessie Wright has over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate. After earning his two B.S. degrees at Oklahoma University, he felt that his call and passion was commercial real estate. He rounded out his experience with heavy involvement in value added deals covering various types of properties from apartment buildings to regional shopping malls.

His impeccable negotiation skills, ability to initiate and maintain relationships with companies, managerial expertise and extensive experience in commercial real estate through ownership and improvement of his own centers, has led him to establish Enterglobe Enterprises LLC, a Long Distance Management Corp training company designed for absentee owners who want take control over their own centers and learn in a hands-on environment all aspects of the management.

Results-oriented and always on top of the latest market developments, Jessie has earned the respect and trust of national and State tenants like Family Dollar, Fresno County, America’s Thrift Stores, M&F Bank, Mid-South Telecome, Lincare Pharmaceutical and many others. His integrity and hands-on approach with his clients has made Enterglobe Enterprises, LLC one of the top property management companies in the country.

Meet the Team

We set up a proven management system for your shopping mall and train you how to use it to maximize your property potential.

Our Mission

The company has been established with an idea in mind that there are many property owners whose shopping centers and malls suffer or simply underperform due to management issues. Many absentee owners are struggling with their shopping centers because of their local management company or due to lack of the necessary experience to manage their centers on their own. We have also noticed that there are many investors who pass on an opportunity to buy a center with a great potential simply because of the long distance from the center and lack of experience to manage a center from a distance.

Being located in Torrance, California and having owned and managed over 600,000 sq.ft. of retail space nationwide, Jessie Wright has developed a proven management system that has worked and will work with any shopping center, indoor or outdoor mall in any location. Our system provides real solutions and is customized based on each individual scenario.

We will visit your site, set up the system and train you in a hands-on environment how to use it. You will not be given a book of advice and left on your own; we will work with you – evaluating your current position, your goals and setting up a real-life solutions that will work for your center. We will provide support until you are 100 percent sure and comfortable to be on your own.

For the owners that are not in a position to invest into recommended improvements or unable to put in a time required to manage their center, we offer a partnership where we completely take on management (on-site and off-site) and perform series of exterior improvements (which will be paid by us) to sell the property and make a profit regardless of the economy. Please review Equity Management Partnership program here

We accept and pay commission on referrals to real estate agents and brokers. If you have a client that may need our service, CONTACT US to find out how it works!

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