Recommendation Letters

Becky Winemiller


In the short time (less than two months), Jessie learned more about the mall than we knew in the two years that we owned it. We have seen the changes he has made in the short time that he owned the mall. We are very impressed with his ability to see what needs to be done and following through..We are very pleased with the relationship and friendship that we have cultivated with him, I would do business with him again.

Erwin D. Mieger


In the recent years it became impossible to attract retail tenants and most of the space was used for offices. We lost our largest tenant (the U.S. Postal Service), and were about to lose other tenants.
We put the center on the market and ultimately sold it to Jessie, who is one of the most “take charge” property managers I’ve ever seen. He established relationships with all relative tenants, city officials, vendors, etc. Within a short period of time he had new tenants lined up and several parking lot, landscaping and other issues resolved. The center is now on a solid footing thanks to Jessie’s “take charge” style.
If I had another distressed property in need of help, Jessie is the first person I would call. He is a man of integrity.

Nicholas Jones


After acquiring the properties, Jessie performed renovations, and put a lot of his own money and “sweat equity” into the buildings.He improved their physical appearance and curb appeal very substantially. He is a hard worker, doing much of his own leasing and taking calls from prospective tenants after hours, weekends and holidays.
His efforts paid off as he was able to lease up many of the vacancies, including some spaces that had been continuously vacant for more than ten years…

Tim Choe


I went through off-site training in Torrance, California and was very impressed with the stuff that he covreed: all aspects of “back end” including website uploads, accounting and collections. When I traveled to Birmingham, Mr. Wright showed how to talk and deal with tenants and vendors. While in Birmingham, he also showed me examples of the centers that were in bad shape…
I do recommend Mr. Wright’s training for anyone who has little or no experience in running shopping center.

Fritz McPhail


immediately came in and renovated the whole premises, including parts that were wholly unleasable. He resurfaced the parking lot, installed new signage, and remediated environmental problems.
Additionally, unlike most buyers, he staffed an office with an on-site manager and leasing person which is very unique…
By the end of 2011 he had increased the occupancy and value substantially. With this newfound stability and higher NOI Jessie procured a semi permanent bridge lender and in January of 2012 he paid off his seller financing with us…