California Retail Properties Corp., is a management arm of several entities that own multiple Commercial properties in multiple states and manages them from long distance.

Our team sets up an on-site manager, creates an SEO website for the project and hires a crew for maintenance, janitorial and security if needed.

An on-site general manager (GM) runs the daily activities and reports directly to the controller, director of leasing and collection department at the headquarter in Torrance California. The business owner(s) and perspective tenants can access the GM six days a week on any issues related to leasing, maintenance requests and rent collection.
Our website will not only bring prospective tenants, but also promote the businesses which gets updated daily. Prospective tenants can view the vacancies and submit inquiries and applications online.
Existing tenants will issue “Maintenance Requests” that they are concerned about and turn them in for immediate repair and maintenance per their lease agreement. Once the repair is completed according to their lease, it is signed off and placed in their file.

Although we cooperate on commission payments to lease the vacancies, we occasionally use outside brokers to bring new tenants, but we do not exclusively use them to lease the spaces.

We reposition Shopping Centers & Malls to have out of the box businesses. We target Restaurants, Sport Centers, Religious Facilities, Entertainment Industry, as well as Educators. We seek the type of occupancies that is proactive and can pull clients and customers to the Mall and Shopping Center. Currently the retail industry are no longer in our venue and they are being phased out.

The property prior to being placed into service will be renovated from both the interior/exterior as well as the marketing standpoint, and façade. Any obstacles that decrease the visibility will be removed (in one project we have taken out as many as 23 trees up to 70 feet tall). The property will be redesigned with pylon, monument and directional signs at all the entrances. The façade will be changed both on the outside and the inside. We are very aggressive in marketing covering billboards, radio, ads, local newspapers and social media ads.

Depending on the property, we add multiple amenities such as a conference rooms, gym, exterior gazebo, lounge and break room. The usage of the amenities are free of charge. We believe in creating an atmosphere that is healthy to work at, and at the same time stress free.

We set up annual networking dinners for the business owners to get to know each other and new tenants, mingle and present their business models. We like to create a “no stranger” environment so that the business owners do not feel like strangers walking down the hallways.
We have a much less turnover due to the friendliness, amenities and the level of service that is unmatched in the industry.
We manage multiple national tenants and governmental agencies such as the County of Fresno, Family Dollar, Subway, V F Outlet, Dress Barn, Kitchen Collection, Bon Worth, Maurices, Leggs Hanes, Vitamin World, Rack Room Shoes, Pet Supply World, Uniform Destination, Bealls outlet and Antique Mall.
Depending on the project, we create one or multiple “Event Centers” that can accommodate up to few thousand people, mainly for weddings, functions, meetings, birthday parties, large events, conferences, and even funerals. Presently two of our properties attract such events both in Mississippi, Florida, and Tennessee. The events bring in the flow of traffic and revenue that helps the businesses and increases profitability.
Since we have an out of the box mentality, we meet the challenges of the local people and offer them services that is unmatched in their local area.
We have gone as far as placing large churches in the mall and mixing local and national tenants to help each other for customer satisfaction.
We often request comments from our business owners and pay a lot for referrals for new businesses.


Shopping Center / Malls Ownership / Management

Mr. J Wright is based in Torrance, California and has owned and managed multiple apartment buildings in Los Angeles basin areas comprising over thirteen buildings of 550 residential apartments. The following shopping centers, office buildings and malls cover approximately 1,000,000 sq. ft. in multiple national cities including Jackson, Mississippi – Crossville, Tennessee – Selma, California – Irvine, California – Rancho Palos Verdes, California – Titusville, Florida – and Torrance, California.

Harbor Cove Plaza

28924 and 29000 S. Western Ave, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275. A 50,000 sq. ft. of office building. A midrise and two-story class A building on the border of San Pedro and Rancho Palos Verdes with professional and medical offices. It is a new acquisition on July 18th, 2017.

Titusville Mall (Formerly Sears Town Mall)

A 290,000-sq. ft. shopping mall that used to have Sears inside on a 22-acre property right on US. 1 facing Indian Viner, Cape Canaveral, Blue Origin, NASA, Boeing and SpaceX. with initiations of “Space Force”. This town is the fastest growing town in Florida. The mall is being repositioned to have an event center of 10,000 sq. ft., an independent auto center of 15,000 sq. ft. and either an indoor sports center or two discount retailers covering 65,000 sq. ft.

Pyramid Medical Office Park

A 27,500-sq. ft. of office building located at 22939 Hawthorne Blvd in Torrance CA. 100% occupancy. This is where the corporate office for the entire operation is located. Ownership entity is “Pyramid Office Park, LLC”


BS Degree in Mechanical Engineering – University of Oklahoma December 1978

BS Degree Aerospace Engineering – University of Oklahoma December 1980

Private Pilot License – May of 1985


Jesse Wright
California Retail Properties Corp.
22939 Hawthorne Blvd, Suite 100
Torrance, California 90505