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Rental/Lease Application

  • Applicant Information

  • Co - Applicant Information

  • Employment Information

  • Company Information

  • Rental/Lease length? Yrs Months
  • Questionnaire

  • Credit references


  • I hereby authorize to obtain a consumer credit and/or investigative report from Contemporary Information Corporation (CIC) on myself consisting of, but not limited to, Credit, Criminal, eviction, rental/lease verification. I understand that such information may be derived in whole or in part from Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and/or CIC.
  • In Accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, as well as other state and federal laws, this signed form is to be kept on file by CIC client (“subscriber”) for no less than six years. CIC may request that subscriber supply a copy of the consumer signed Authorization for File Disclosure or application for lease, credit, or employment anytime within that six year period. Failure to comply may result in termination of subscriber’s account as well as any criminal or civil penalties that may apply under current law.